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  • Contact
    When we text/email, am I actually talking to you (are you independent)? Yes. I am independent and I am the only one who receives and replies to my messages. What is the best way to contact you? I prefer to communicate by text (418-808-5889) or e-mail ( I am rarely available to answer phone calls, but if you cannot text or e-mail feel free to leave me a voicemail specifying the time frame in which I can call you back and I will do so if possible. Can I contact you outside of the times listed on your schedule page? Yes, you can contact me at any time, however I close my phone from 7pm to 5am, as well as during the day when I'm in appointments so I may not respond to your message immediately. If I request to only be contacted during specific times, or for you not to contact me at all, can I be certain that you will follow my instructions exactly? Yes. I understand the importance of discretion and will definitely respect all instructions regarding time and method of contact. You do not accept private calls but my privacy is my priority. Can I trust you with my number? You have my word that your privacy will not be compromised. I don’t accept calls from blocked numbers because I have had too many scams from them. If your number is blocked you can leave me a voicemail with your number and the time frame that it’s safe to call you back. If you let me know that you don’t want to be contacted or only during certain hours I assure you I will absolutely respect that. Email is also an option.
  • Booking
    How do I make an appointment? 1. See my services page to decide what duration will match your needs/budget (returning clients please don't skip this step - there may have been changes since your last visit). 2. Choose from the availabilities listed on my schedule page. If the date/time you are looking for is not available, feel free to let me know that I can contact you in case of a cancellation. 3. Send me a text or e-mail noting the date, time and duration you wish to reserve, and confirm when you receive my response. 4. Returning clients - go to step 5. New clients - $100 deposit by e-transfer to my email ( I also accept gift cards. Once I have received your deposit I will send you my address. 5. Confirm the appointment by text or e-mail 8-24 hours before our scheduled time. 6. Send me a text or e-mail upon arrival. 7. Once I let you know I’m ready, dial my apartment number on the intercom in the lobby so I can unlock the main door (please do so even if it’s already unlocked). 8. Knock softly on my apartment door. 9. Enjoy! Is it possible to see you outside of the hours listed on your schedule page? Yes, with the following conditions - Tariff: $500 per hour. 2 hours minimum. Reservation at least 24 hours in advance. 50% deposit required. I do not accept appointments between 22:00 and 6:00. Do you accept last minute reservations? Yes. My schedule usually fills up a few days in advance, but often things change last minute so it's possible I may be available on short notice. Can I book a 15 minute appointment? My minimum time for incall is 30 minutes. If you are in a hurry and need to leave sooner that’s ok, but the price will not be reduced. Can I book an outcall? Yes, however my minimum time for outcall is one hour, Tariff - $400/hour in Quebec City. Supplement required for other areas, depending on distance. 50% deposit required. If I want extras do I have to let you know when I’m booking? It is nice to know in advance what extras you want, just so I can be prepared. However it’s not necessary. If you prefer to talk about it face to face, or to decide spontaneously during our appointment that is totally fine. Whatever feels most natural for you. Can I make requests regarding how you will dress/what we will do during the appointment? Yes, but there may be an extra charge depending on the request.
  • Upon arrival
    Is there free parking close by? Yes. You can park in the visitors parking in the back of my building, or in the street in front (on the highway side Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and on the building side Tuesday and Thursday). If I arrive early should I let you know, or wait until the time I was expected? If you are early you can let me know - often I am ready early. However, if we start early we will still finish after the amount of time reserved (if we go overtime the price will be adjusted accordingly). If we start the appointment early, can we still finish at the originally scheduled time? Yes, however the price will be adjusted accordingly for the extra time. What happens if I arrive late? That will depend on my schedule - usually I won’t be able to go over our agreed upon finishing time, but if I don’t have anything booked after we might be able to finish later. If my schedule is full we will finish on time even if you arrive late, and the price will not be reduced. How will you be dressed when you answer the door? Unless you have specified otherwise I wear lingerie and stockings, with a sexy dress, skirt or robe. I have many pairs of high heels but I am quite tall so I usually only wear them by request. How does the payment work? I don’t like to talk about money. I don’t want to feel like a commodity, and I want our appointments to have a friendly feeling. The exchange of money makes things feel cold, so I prefer that it be done discreetly. My tarifs are clearly detailed on my services page. Please don’t ask me how much you owe me, you should already know before you arrive. Please check before each appointment as there may have been changes since your last visit. For payments by e-transfer, please prepare it in advance as with some banks the process can be long and complicated. You can send the transfer in advance and just give me the password when you arrive. I prefer e-transfer payments to be done at the beginning of the appointment in case there is a problem with it. For payments in cash, simply place it in a visible place either at the beginning or the end of the appointment. I prefer that we don’t count the money together, I trust you to have it counted correctly before you arrive. Don’t forget to add for extras if necessary, and calculate minus the deposit if you gave one.
  • During the appointment
    Should I shower on arrival? When you arrive I will take your coat and show you to the bathroom. Please take a thorough shower and use the mouthwash on my counter even if you don't think you need it. You can invite me to join you in the shower if you wish. You are also welcome to shower before leaving. Please be aware that shower time is included in the time you will be charged for the appointment. It’s my first time with you, can you walk me through a typical appointment? Generally I will be waiting for you in the bedroom when you get out of the shower. What we do will depend on the feeling in the moment. Usually I like to jump right into the action, but if you are nervous we can take it slow, starting out with some flirting (a great way to get comfortable with each other is to have a chat over a glass of white wine - bring some if you like). If you are shy, I will make the first move and take the reins throughout. Otherwise I will follow your lead. Feel free to tell me or show me what you want. I am very easy going and open minded and it’s important to me that you have a memorable experience and leave satisfied. Will you squirt? It’s a strong possibility but not guaranteed. Please note that I do not accept anal finger play on me. Can I cum more than once? Yes, as many times as you like. This is not an extra. I will be attentive to you from the start of our time until the end. If you cum near the beginning of the appointment that doesn't mean it's over! We can just keep going, or spend some time on my pleasure, or have a chat or massage and then continue. Suggestion - when you need to cum just let it go, holding back too much often makes it impossible in the end. But it's up to you... If I pay you a lot of extra money can we do penetration with no condom? NO. Vaginal and anal penetration is 100% with condom. No exceptions.
  • Do you accept...
    Short/tall, young/old, all ethnicities, physically challenged, virgin, overweight, tiny/giant penis, first experience with an escort, etc.? I have only three criteria - you MUST be over 18 years old, CLEAN, and RESPECTFUL. Everything else is really not important to me. Whatever it is you think I won’t like about you, please let it go. I am probably the least judgemental person you will ever meet and after years of doing this full time there isn’t much I haven’t already seen. I promise you we will both have fun no matter your age, experience, or physical characteristics. Erectile dysfunction? Please gentlemen, get out of your head about this. I promise I will be in no way disappointed if things aren't 100% down there. There are soooo many other ways for both of us to have pleasure. I am empathetic and understanding, and I have no expectations other than to be treated with the same respect that I give. No matter what your age or physical ability there may be times when it simply doesn't work, and that is totally normal, nothing to be ashamed of or stressed about. You are not a robot, you are a human. The more you are nervous and put pressure on yourself the more likely it is that it may not work. So just relax, know that I am not judging you, and that I don't need you to be a porn star in order to enjoy your company. Often it takes a few times together to get comfortable, for each of us to learn what the other likes, and for the chemistry to develop. It will just keep getting better and better... Women/couples/duos? Yes. I am a true bisexual, I love to play with women. Women alone - same tariffs as men. Couples - extra $120. Duos - see my duos page for details. More than one man at once? Yes, I adore having more than one man at once, and I can do double penetration. Each man pays full price - the same way as he would if we were meeting one on one. Being a sugar baby? I have a full life outside of my working hours, so availability is an issue here. Moreover, I truly love being an escort, and it is my only source of income. I can’t pay the bills with dinners and vacations. Also, I am a pretty natural girl. I’m not into fake nails or plastic surgery or expensive clothes. So no, thank you. Meeting as friends? No. If you have a friend who is a mechanic do you expect him to fix your car for free? Companionship is my JOB and I already have a long term boyfriend. I consider many of my customers to be real friends, but I do not mix my personal life with my work life - even if we have genuine feelings for each other I will not meet you for an unpaid appointment. Sexting/phone sex/cam to cam/Skype/FaceTime etc? No. I do not do virtual appointments. I do however have videos for rent on my videos page.
  • What turns you on/off?
    What do you like/dislike? This is a question I get asked very often and I assume if you're asking it's because you really want to know, so I will be totally frank here. The more I find you pleasant the more fun we will have together... For me it starts with the communication outside of the appointment. I like it when your messages are polite but to the point. I don’t have time for or interest in chatting by text, please save that for when we are face to face. If you have a question pertinent to the appointment that's totally fine, but the answers to pretty much every question you might have are easily found on this site. Please take a few minutes to look through before you contact me. Please do not try to negotiate my pricing. Please do your best to arrive on time. If you are late our appointment will most likely be shorter but the price will not be reduced. If you arrive early you can let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you, but it puts me in a rush. If we start our appointment early please do not use this as a reason to try to get extra time for free. I do not want to be a “clock watcher” - it’s up to you to be aware of the time. There are clocks in every room of my apartment. My schedule is full almost every day and I do my best to be professional, always ready on time. I always leave at least a half an hour loose between appointments, but that gives me just enough time to change the bed, put my apartment in order, take a shower and reply to messages. I cannot go overtime and I find it unpleasant when I have to tell you that the time is up. During the appointment the most important thing is hygiene. If you want to kiss do not eat onions before the appointment. There is no gum or mouthwash on earth strong enough to hide that. Please take a thorough shower on arrival (I have unscented soap and clean towels always available). Take the time to soap up properly. I have disposable tooth brushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, tic-tacs, gum, wet wipes, and anti perspirant on the counter - use them if necessary! Note that your time in the bathroom is part of the appointment. Too much cologne is as bad or worse than having body odour. A very small amount is ok, and none at all is even better. As far as sex goes, I love everything except for a few things that turn me off: I prefer your private parts trimmed or shaved. It doesn’t really bother me if you have a member of ZZ Top in your pants but if that’s the case I won’t be doing any ball licking or anulingus. And please make sure to wash extra well because hair retains odours - that includes facial hair. I love beards but if it’s not well washed it smells like a dog. Please cut your nails. VERY short. I love vaginal finger play and I love to be squeezed hard (not hard enough to leave bruises) but if you have long nails it HURTS, and I find it a big turn off because long nails are unsanitary. I love anal sex and I love to be touched and licked there but I DO NOT ENJOY fingers in my ass. I love deep French kissing and to be licked and kissed all over but too much saliva is unpleasant. Please swallow your spit rather than letting it fill my mouth or drool all over me. For me a good French kiss is mouth to mouth, it’s not your tongue all around my mouth so I end up with my face all wet. And please don’t spit on me. I love to have my breasts touched, kissed, licked, and LIGHTLY pinched but please do not pull on my nipples and especially do not bite them. Actually don’t bite me anywhere please, especially not my nipples or pussy. And even if you’re gentle my nipples get over sensitive if you spend too long giving them attention. Intersperse nipple play with other things. I got into this profession because I love everything sexual. I enjoy long, sweet kisses and caresses, hugging and cuddling and making love like Romeo and Juliet and I enjoy kinky, raw, rough, hair pulling, bum slapping, perverted sex. And everything in between. What I love most about what I do is the variety, trying different things and seeing what turns people on. I love to please the person I’m with and I get excited by seeing my partner excited. Please, feel free to tell me what you want. It’s a huge turn on for me if I can make your fantasy reality. I can be in control if that's what you like but I prefer to be more submissive, I love it when you guide me. What is your favorite sexual activity? I find this question difficult to answer. What I enjoy doing most with you is probably different from what I enjoy doing most with someone else, or even with you on a different day. It's all about chemistry and the feeling in the moment. When I see you turned on it turns me on. Sometimes I feel more romantic and sometimes I feel more kinky. How I feel when we see each other will mix with how you feel and we go with that flow. I like it when it's spontaneous and natural, unscripted. For example - I enjoy dirty talk when you do it, but it doesn't come from me easily. Nearly every time someone asks me to do it I'm happy to try but it feels ridiculous and I have trouble not laughing at myself, especially if it's in french (anglophone here). But then once in a while it's like something takes over me and it just comes out and it's super hot. That's the beauty of sex - you never know how it will turn out. I will say though that I always love doggy style, and I really love to play with myself while you give attention to my breasts, especially while I'm giving you oral. I am very turned on by light face fucking. Do you actually enjoy anal or is it just to please the customer? Yes, I love to recieve anulingus and I adore anal penetration with a real penis but I find it less fun with toys. However I do enjoy penis/toy double penetration. I do not accept anal finger play on me. I would like to bring you a gift. What would you like? I don’t expect gifts but I certainly appreciate them! White wine. I like every kind but prefer Riesling. Anything from the sex store - toys, stockings (I always need more stockings), lingerie, unscented massage oil, unscented silicone lubricant, etc Bra - 36 C, panties - medium, stockings - tall/D, shoes - 9 A gift card for Jean Coutu, La vie en rose, Amazon, SAQ, Place Laurier, etc Candles Anything antique Groceries Chocolate Or check out my amazon wishlist: The best gift is a nice tip :)
  • General Information
    Do you get tested for STD’s regularly? Yes. And so should you. Health care professionals recommend that everyone with a “normal” sex life should be tested every 3 months, even if you have no symptoms. Since my sex life is not exactly normal, I go once a month. Is there a danger of being caught by the police? No. I’ve been doing this for years and have never had a run in with the police. I’ve had my apartment for years and have never had a complaint from the neighbours. In fact I don’t even know who my neighbours are. I work the same hours as most people, no visitors at night or on the weekends. I don’t do drugs and I have no association with gangs or pimps. There is no reason for the police to waste their time with me or the people I see. And even if they did come to my door, what are they gonna do? There are no cameras in my apartment, we are simply two friends enjoying each other’s company.
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