• Vaginal and anal penetration is 100% with condom, non negotiable (health and hygiene is my priority and I get tested once per month)

  • Arrive freshly showered or take a shower on arrival (I always have clean towels)

  • No smoking in my apartment

  • No drugs in my apartment

  • Vaginal finger play will only be allowed if your nails are clean and cut short

  • I do not accept anal finger play (on me)

  • I do not accept golden in my mouth, face, or hair. This event will take place in the shower and we will rinse after. 

  • No brown shower or any play involving feces

  • Appointments will end at the agreed upon time, even if you show up late

  • It's totally ok if you need to cancel an appointment, as long as you have the courtesy to inform me that you can't make it

  • It is absolutely imperative that I remain discreet.  I will not send pictures of my face (it matches my body, I assure you).  If we run into each other outside of an appointment please act as though we are not acquainted. I will also respect your privacy.

Failure to follow my guidelines will result in blacklisting